Language School

The Language School project took place in the Universität der Künste, Berlin, on the 17.7.03. The project involved 20 volunteers as teachers, and 40 audience members as students (each teacher offered 2 lessons). The teachers were found before hand, while the students were audience members invited to enrol and book a lesson at the reception on the night. The students were paid €5 once they had completed their half hour lesson.

10 tables lined the room. Over the course of the evening, up to 4 lessons were run at each table, each with a different teacher, student and language. The tables were covered in sheets of paper, which were marked by the 4 languages. The content of the lessons was decided by the volunteer teachers, with no overall lesson plans for the school. Visitors not studying were also free to listen to the simultaneous lessons in progress, with small stools around the room.