Walking on Water

Walking on Water, Bristol

Noticing that I had an uncanny likeness to Jesus Christ (or so I'm told, I've never seen a photo of him), I thought I should make the most of my long hair before cutting it. So making a contraption to walk on water seemed like a good plan. The construction is portable, and folds away small enough to be taken on public transport, with a little skill. Its half way between a frame tent and a baby walker, with inflatable air cushions.

It has been used on four occasions; first in Hoylake (near Liverpool), then at an opening for an exhibition between two gallery spaces near the docks in Bristol; later in the Queens back garden (the Round Pond, Kensington Gardens, London), and most recently in the sea in Barcelona. At each event enthusiastic audiences were enlisted to help put the contraption together: dogs, seascouts, tourists, scallies, swimmers, vicars, old people….