Wave Power

Wave Power involves the development of rudimentary generator that utilises wave energy to create electricity. The invention utilises as much recycled material as possible, and has an improvised aesthetic, much as that that can be found on youtube among amateur energy enthusiasts, and those trying to develop 'off-grid' methods.

The intention is to further develop and improve this first prototype to enable the production of enough energy to sell it into the market. Finally, it is intended to use the money raised to pay a lobbyist working in energy policy, although the final form of this investment is still to be decided.
With its familiar inventiveness, the project is easy for viewers to engage with, joining the artist in learning how to make something new. However, this path to a brighter future is somehow cut short by the prospect of rather dry political lobbying, trying to buy the ear of politicians to affect political change.

There are many creative and ingenious renewable energy resources, and many are being developed and put into use. Although technological inventions are necessary, they are useless without the political will to implement them.
Can a focus on (individual) technological solutions even be detrimental in avoiding the main issue at hand - fundamental political, democratic, and economic change?

Wave Power was developed primarily during a funded residency at BankArt1929 in Yokohama in 2016, and at Centrum in Berlin in 2017. It is a work in progress.